REFORMING Our Government

Having YOUR Voice Heard

Our legislators should have an open-door policy, guaranteeing everyone the ability to engage and have their voice heard. I will hold a monthly public town hall meeting to address concerns, hear grievances, and answer questions. 

Imposing Term Limits

The New York State Constitution must be amended to implement term limits for all elected offices in New York State government. 

Ending Mandates and Improper Use of Emergency Authorities

Legislative duties continue to be relinquished to Governor Hochul, a result of her endless COVID state of emergency. As a voice for the people of New York State, I will fight to strip Governor Hochul of emergency authority, curbing her ability to dictatorially conduct State affairs.

Election Integrity & Voter ID

Official New York State identification should be required for voting in any election—federal, state, or local — and I propose redesigning the NYS Benefits Card to function as an official form of photo ID, usable by any New York State citizen at any polling site in the state.


Gas Tax and Fracking

The New York State gas tax must be repealed until we begin utilizing our State’s natural resources to produce natural gas, making us no longer dependent on foreign fuel sources

Upstate Small Business Empowerment

I propose that we grant short-term, zero-interest loans to low-income businesses to help secure their success. In partnership with an enhanced New York State Small Business Development Center, this will include mentoring programs to ensure success during the start-up phase.

“Made In New York” Tax Incentives

This program will eliminate New York State sales tax for any retail purchases of products manufactured in New York State. Additionally, starting January 2024, it will create tax incentives for any in-State manufacturer.


Law Enforcement & First Responders

We need respect, support, appropriate funding, and proper training for our law enforcement officers & first responders.

Bail Reform Repeal

The cashless-bail statute pushed through the Legislature by Democrats MUST be repealed. While I steadfastly believe that people are “innocent until proven guilty,” a cashless-bail policy allows dangerous criminals back on the streets within hours of arrest.

Opioid Reform

New York State has failed to address the growing opioid epidemic.  Existing programs and policies are not working. We must PREVENT devastating drugs from entering our State and PUNISH those profiting from their distribution. We MUST pass Laree’s Law, which bears a charge of murder for anyone who sells a lethal dose of any controlled substance.

Education: Restore Parental Rights

Parental Notification

Before introducing socially and/or politically divisive subject matter, schools must be required to provide guardians with detailed descriptions of curricula and lesson plans.  Guardians then decide whether or not to “opt in” for programs that may be inconsistent with the teachings in their homes.

School Choice

The cost of educating one child in a New York State public school is approximately $25,000; in New York City, that figure is $28,000. Rather than forcing children to attend failing public schools, parents should have a choice! That money should follow each child, whether to public, private, parochial or home schooling.

Higher Education

Pathway to a Debt-Free Future

Every New Yorker lives within 30 miles of a SUNY or CUNY school. Implementing a 35% prepayment discount for students who commute to school would allow them to work part time in the summer and during the school year to cover the remaining cost of college. This could be accomplished by expanding work study opportunities on-campus and working with local businesses to help students secure appropriate off-campus employment within their community.   Unlike recent loan forgiveness programs offered by the federal government, this would not cost taxpayers anything as each student would be responsible for working to pay their tuition each semester.

Vaccine Mandates at SUNY and CUNY Schools

Currently, faculty and staff at all SUNY and CUNY schools are completely exempt from the COVID vaccine mandate, while students require vaccination to attend classes. Unvaccinated students should be allowed the same weekly-testing option offered to faculty and staff.



The New York State EPIC Program provides secondary health coverage to eligible seniors for the out-of-pocket prescription drug costs under Medicare Part D. My opponent voted to cut these vital benefits in past New York State Budgets. I will fight to expand this program so seniors should never have to worry about affording their doctors’ prescriptions.